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What is IMEI & how to check it ?
As we all know that all the mobile phones have its original unique identity number (i.e. IMEI means International Mobile Equipment Identity), due to which it will be helpful in searching our own mobile sets according to its unique identification, but it usually works on registered mobile phones from the respected Telecom. So the IMEI number varied from one mobile phone to another mobile phone.
We can check our IMEI number by following these steps:

Step 1: Type *#06# on the mobile idle screen.
Step 2: Screen with IMEI number arrives like:
xxxxxx    xx    xxxxxx   x
TAC    FAC    SNR   SP


TAC means Type Approval Code.
FAC means Final Assembly Code.
SNR means Serial Number.
SP means Spare.

The main importance of IMEI is seen whenever any mobile is theft then sim can be changed any mobile number case can be changed but the only number that can’t be changed is its identification number i.e. International Mobile Equipment Identity Number. Therefore it plays a vital role in searching theft mobile phone according to its unique IMEI number.
(REMEMBER:- You are responsible while using these codes… and we are not responsible for any loss or damage, although it has been tested).

Service Menu Type of a Normal Mobile Phone with Procedure.
Note:- Its only tested on Nokia Type Mobile.
Step 1:-Type *#92702689# on idle screen.
Step 2:- Then you can see on your screen as:
Serial number- IMEI.
Production date- MM/YY.
Purchase Date- MM/YY.
Date of last repair.
Transfer user data to another Nokia phone via Infra-red.

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