Desktop Viber

Normally We use to call anybody by the help of Phone Number but today its possible to talk from the Computers in Social Networking Websites with the help of Webcam, Mic and Headphone but before that We have to Sign up and Create Our Login id. In the changing generation of Smart Phone Viber was so called to call any body via a Smartphone/Iphone,but the same was not applicable for any other Symbion type Mobile Phones.Viber the only app is now available in Desktop Computers/Laptops/Notepad etc as well as in Smart Phone/Iphone etc, but before that Viber was only available in Smartphone/Iphone but the today’s modification in Viber app makes it possible for varieties of Computers too. It feels proud by increasing its users from Smartphone/Iphone to Desktop Computers Users. The main feature of Viber is to voice call, video chat, msg chat to any body who were using smart phone/iphone but nowaday it is supportive in windows os too, but before that it requires a user unique number and activates it by a viber verification code. Follow this procedure to use viber on your desktop computers:

Step 1) Firstly download viber.exe from here….

Step 2) Run the application via internet…..

Step 3) It asks for a number on which you are using viber on your current existing phone or on which you want to install….

Step 4) After entering your number to the desktop viber application.It asks you to enter the viber verification code, which is sent on your existing viber android mobile phone (i.e on your previous entered number).

Step 5) After entering that, your number is verified for viber desktop application.

Step 6) After that all the contacts are backed up in your viber desktop application and now you can connect to any viber by its number anywhere only via internet.

Step 7) Finally viber desktop is prepared and u can enjoy video calls, video chat, msg, voice chat, etc from the viber of your dektop computers…. Have fun with it.

Note:Only android/iphone users can enjoy viber on their desktop computers, because the required viber asks a verification code which is placed in its supportive platform i.e. its only for android/iphone users on which it can be installed by default.

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